We facilitate that empathic view of your target, to help you gain a deeper understanding, to guide better decisions.


Over 30 years of ground-breaking,
often-talked-about, business-building research.


Sitting on both sides of the desk over
time as "doer" & "buyer" has its advantages.


A proven record of creativity &
sensitivity that encourages people to action.


What We Do

Quite simply, our goal is to design and execute qualitative research that gives clear sight into how target audiences feel, act and behave…to help create an empathic connection that goes well-beyond a series of numbers. We do this through focus groups, ethnography, triads, one-on-ones and other up-close interview techniques – both in person and online.

We work with you to determine the best method based on project objectives and information needs.

And we turn these conversations into meaningful insights for strategic, people-centered understanding that helps organizations create devoted fans versus uncommitted users…or even worse: reluctant hostages.

The ClearSight Difference

  • Empathy Beyond Analytics™
    We facilitate that empathic view of your target, to help you gain a deeper understanding, to guide better decisions.

  • The Approach
    Every assignment is based upon what needs to be understood, and what’s going to be done with this understanding once it’s achieved.

  • Experience
    Over 30 years of research, advertising and planning… sometimes all within one position; other times as functional specialties.

  • Perspective
    Sitting on both sides of the desk over time as "doer" & "buyer" has its advantages. Ensuring A dual perspective is considered from initial enquiries through final report.
  • CreativityNo one wants to leaf through a portfolio of creative discussion guides; we have a proven record of creativity & sensitivity that encourages people to action.

  • Still with us?
    We're back to empathy as the means to forging better understanding between you and your targets & facilitating better discussion designs to maximize your learning opportunities.

  • Speaking of empathy...
    We’re cognizant of your time.You do need to get back to your voice mail, meetings, email and perhaps actually find a few minutes to get some real work done.

Meet Peter Switzer


Peter's pedigree is as impressive as they come with experience at JWT/OgilvyAction, Ryan Partnership, Noble, Research International, Bozell Worldwide, AdCom, McCann Erickson, & Market Facts, Inc.


Some ground-breaking, often-talked-about, business-building research was conducted for these past clients...


In the strange world of advertising, it's hard to find those who truly "get it". They're few and far between... and they're always well sought out by those who also 'get it'.

Well... Peter truly 'gets it'. He has a complete and thorough understanding of the creative nature of the field while also being incredibly adept at handling the economic complexities inherent to the business.

Peter is an incredibly strong leader, and one from whom I've learned a whole lot. His global experience is unparalleled, and his encyclopedic knowledge of methodologies and techniques is a true toolbox for those who are lucky enough to work for him.
Daniel Berkal, Award Winning Moderator & Consultant, Research International.

Pete is the quintessential partner. We at Relevation rely on him to truly add a layer of strategic insights to everything we collaborate on. He connects with the audience every step of the way be it consumers, shoppers, business partners or marketing teams.

Where Pete sets himself apart is by really listening, thinking both innovatively and creatively, synthesizing, and artfully imparting and informing. He is the juxtaposition of driven & focused while simultaneously approachable & intuitive.

I count on him to bring the highest level of value to a project and make us look good with our clients.
Nan Martin, President, Relevation Research, Inc.

Peter is as strategically grounded as any marketing or research professional I know. He listens clearly to client issues and concerns so he can understand them and then recommend the best plan of attack to efficiently provide direction and resolution.

He has been doing this for many years with high levels of success. Thanks in part to his background as a crisis intervention counselor, he brings a particular sensitivity to the qualitative arena, both in his ability to draw out the reactions, beliefs and emotions of respondents and also to translate them into meaningful direction for moving forward based on what has been learned.

I highly recommend him for qualitative research.
Janice Miller Theodore, President at Miller Theodore Consulting, Inc.

Peter and I have collaborated on a wide range of qualitative projects for over 20 years, so I know he is a very strategic thinker.

Importantly, he is strong at synthesizing results that are actionable for the brand...

He will be an excellent qualitative consultant!
Maureen Quinn Olsen, Qualitative Consultant & Moderator

My first thought was to speak to Peter’s somewhat rare ability to be immensely valuable to both the client and his creative team...For a client, Peter is a guy who understands what is needed for your brand. He understands what has to be communicated, and in what fashion and tone. And he understands how to work with creatives to deliver what is needed for that brand...Purely for this refreshing, informed decisiveness.

I hope to work with Peter again in the very near future. He made my job easier.
Andrew Prahin, Associate Creative Director at Geometry Global.

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